Europa Organisation, innovation as DNA

Since its creation in 1987, Europa Organisation has reinforced its expertise, developing, growing and renewing itself constantly, to the point of questionning the concept of a congres in its every form.

The intuition that innovation must be a separate development strategy allows Europa Organisation to adapt to never-ending technological and cultural changes.

Working alongside the different stakeholders in the sector, Europa Organisation has created a laboratory research group to focus on the science of education, the humanities and new technologies, which in turn has bought to light key concepts in the organisation of conferences such as andragogy (the science of education for adults), collective intelligence and digital tools that enhance the interactivity of participants and the exchange of knowledge.

This virtuous circle of innovation is part of Europa Organisation’s DNA and contributes to the continual evolution of its structure and tools, all of which enrich its offer, providing customers and partners with new ways of captivating their audience by promoting the sharing of experience and knowledge.


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