Our commitment

A veritable commitment to the environment

As a responsible and civic-minded company, over the last few years Europa Organisation has fully integrated an ecological dimension within the meetings it organises.

As a congress organiser, bringing together in one location more than 13,000 participants internationally each year, Europa Organisation must integrate this ecological dimension as part of its overall activities, taking into account the environmental impact which bringing together so many people implies. By making changes, both great and small, Europa Organisation has accomplished this, acting upon - and altering - little by little, our bad habits

Recycling and reducing pollution

Europa Organisation has at its disposal a wide range of tools, material and new products which allows us to considerably lower the environmental impact involved in the creation of large meetings.
Several concrete examples of what is already in use by Europa Organisation include :
- The use of ecological furnishings that are either transformable or reusable
- The placement of water fountains rather than distributing small plastic water bottles
    Results : Water consumption has been cut by 75%.
- The use of recycled paper for all the different congress communications
(handouts, etc.)
- Bills and proof of attendance papers are printed on recycled paper. All the notepads distributed in congress bags are also made from recycled paper.
- Favouring public transportation for the meeting
Distribution of public transportation tickets (bus and subway), creation of special bus routes between the hotels and the congress centre.

Reducing the carbon footprint of congress attendees

Each year almost 70,000 people attend meetings organised by Europa Organisation. For most of these, the attendees come from all over the world, and it is well understood that this has a direct impact on the environment.
To fight against this, Europa Organisation and its partners have put in place a system that allows the participants to reimburse their “carbon footprint” caused by such travel.


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