Dedicated tools

To insure what is essential – the quality of our meetings – we have developed the following tools:

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Our mobile application

In order to attend a conference, attendees are, by definition, required to travel. Europa would like to accompany them by offering mobile solutions so they can always access updated information.

Get practical and useful information, read the scientific programme, decide which sessions interest you at a glance, find how to get there, how to return to the hotel... Mobile solutions encompass all this so an attendee can easily find his or her way around an unfamiliar environment.

For this, Europa now offers smartphone applications for the prevailing cell phone platforms on the market. These applications are constantly being updated with new options. Discover them by clicking here.



Resume is a content management tool that is 100% web based. With its excellent flexibility, the system can adapt itself to all types of submissions, from the simple “cut and paste” of texts to uploading complex files (Powerpoint© for example).

Resume allows for the manipulation, structuring and homogenisation of the diverse elements involved in scientific communications with the goal of the submissions being reviewed and selected by a committee of experts. From the first “Call for papers” to the final creation of the programme, passing through the submission process, expert “grading”, final selection, communications of the results, or export of the chosen papers, Resume centralises the entirety of all the procedures necessary for the correct functioning of this phase. 

Resume allows the presentation of ePosters, which are virtual posters accessible on-line at the event itself.



The critical link in the chain that is Europa Organisation, Programme allows the manipulation and organisation of the scientific content of a congress.

From entering in sessions and lecture information, to the management of the speakers and special guests, this 100% web based interface regroups all the necessary functionalities required. Programme manipulates, for instance, the different logistical aspects, travel, and housing of each speaker in a personalised fashion (Guest Web Site). All email to the different special guests (invitations, personalised programme, hotel information...) is managed directly through this software system.

Programme also allows you to show the latest developments in the scientific content of your congress on its dedicated website. This allows each visitor of the site to research and create his or her own personalised programme.



The last link the chain of Europa Organisation's software, Converter is dedicated to the creation of an information communications' tool more interactive than Powerpoint©. By feeding your information into this new format, Converter allows the speaker to create a presentation for interactive sessions where a non-linear style and support is desired.

Converter equally works to homogenise the totality of your presentations into a uniform graphic format, assuring a visual coherence for all the presentations of different participants.



Scans responds to the growing demand for validation of Continuing Medical Education credits. Scans is based on a system which reads bar codes printed on the congress attendees’ badges to provide a proof “ of presence” to each participant, whether it be for a specific session or for an entire day.

Scans controls the printing of the “certificates of presence” and/or certificates that attribute credits, depending on the specific criteria of each individual meeting.

Scans allows for derivative services where, for instance, industrial partners can choose to use Scans to have the complete information on participants they met during a specific meeting.


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