The Stages

To ensure long-lasting partnerships and advantages for congresses as a medium, Europa Organisation divided its functional process into three main categories.

Before the congress


Europa Organisation offers to assist our clients with preparing for a tender, defining the feasibility of an operation, evaluating possible revenue, as well as developing the provisional event budget. Europa Organisation can create a true financial strategy as well: market studies, creating the financial package, researching possible partners, etc.


After having analysed the needs of our clients, Europa Organisation assists them in fixing clear, concrete and realistic objectives. The advice from this consultation results in a consistent, global strategy.


Europa Organisation searches and identifies the ideal setting for each individual event by analysing the strengths and weaknesses of each location as well as its potential attendance, and by assessing the drawing power of each destination.

During the congress

Operational management: Europa Organisation translates our clients' needs into the staffing and technical reality of the event itself. We negotiate with different suppliers, coordinate different teams and bring together service providers.


Europa Organisation proposes to our clients the planning and production of the entirety of their communication needs: studies of the different target audiences and markets, definition and prioritisation of the objectives, and implementation of both the operational and creative aspects of their communication (graphic identity, web, promotional campaigns, press relations…).


 Europa Organisation uses the very latest technologies for the congresses that it organises: RFID badges, innovative audiovisual options, development of internet sites, e-learning, HD satellite retransmission, and more.


Europa Organisation manages the registrations, the welcome and the well being of the participants. We also assure optimal housing solutions which conform to the needs and desires of our client.


Organisation continually monitors the sequence of events of the congress to insure that the programme timing is respected.  We can also produce refund documents, as well as offer breaking news of interest to the participants or suggest panellists.

After the congress

Quantify and analyse

Once an event has finished, Europa Organisation has the tools to prepare an analytical and financial report of registrations and partnerships. It can also provide its clients with precise statistics to give the client a clear analysis of the event, including participant satisfaction data.


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