EO Asia

EO Asia

From seminars in Thailand and Malaysia to international conferences in Hong Kong and Singapore, EUROPA ORGANISATION has been accompanying companies and international Societies in Asia since 2002.

EO ASIA Pte Ltd, our Asian subsidiary, was created in Singapore in 2009 to support the production of AsiaPCR/SingLIVE, the Asian version of Euro PCR, with the ambition of becoming a must-attend congress made by and for the Asia-Pacific cardiovascular community. 

In 2012, building on the success of AsiaPCR/SingLIVE, a permanent office was set-up in Singapore in order to establish the company in Asia on the long term and develop our activity in this vibrant region.

From bid management to the running of the conference, EO ASIA serves both international and local expertise by providing the same financial, marketing and logistics know-how that has made the difference for the Group since its creation in 1987.


EO ASIA aims at supporting Asian local expertise in meeting the rising demand in the region for education and innovation.

By putting international standards in terms of promotion and organization at the service of their scientific content, we support Societies in launching and developing sustainable meetings, that are recognized as high-quality brands by their whole community. 

Key Dates

21st -23rd January 2010
26 -27 March 2016

2002: 1st seminar in Asia (Bangkok) organized by EUROPA ORGANISATION for a French Airline Company.

January 2012: Opening of the Singapore office.

April 2013: Partnership alliance signed with The Meeting Lab.

Annual events

Last events Participants 2015/2016
AsiaPCR / SingLive (since 2010 - SINGAPORE) 2200
PCR-CIT China-Chengdu Valves (since 2015) 300
PCR Tokyo Valves (from 2016) 400 (expected)
PCR Workshops and Seminars (since 2014) 200 (expected)

Contact us

Mr Romain DESPAX | rdespax@europa-organisation.com

Member of SACEOS


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